My name is Shreya Sen, and I took the 2020 ICSE Board Exams (just before the pandemic.) I spent a lot of time preparing for them, and in the process I came across extremely valuable free resources that provided me with in depth knowledge of every concept. These resources proved vital in helping me score 98.6% overall, top my school, and rank among the top 1% in the country.

When the 2020 exams were abruptly disrupted by the pandemic, I had this library of sources and study material that I had accumulated, and felt the urge to share it with people. The main purpose of this website is to help people who cannot afford to spend money on tuition or multiple guidebooks to help them understand complex chapters. I've compiled the simplest and most efficient study material in the hopes that any person with the goal of being a topper can achieve it at no extra expense.

It is my firm belief that anyone can be a topper with access to the right resources and enough dedication. I hope that this website will cover the resources part, so that all you need, regardless of your situation, is the dedication to see your goal through.