Detailed Study:

Brief Revision - Important Question Solving:


Important Diagrams:

  • Structure of Urinary System

  • Longitudinal Section of Kidney

  • Structure of Uriniferous Tubule (Nephron)

  • Structure of Malphigian Capsule (Bowman's capsule + glomerulus)

Frequently Tested Topics:

  • Structure of Kidney

  • Structure of Nephron

  • Process of Urine Formation

  • Functions of various parts of urinary system

*Note that other aspects of the chaper are equally important.

Important Past Questions:

  • Correct the following statements by changing the underlined words:

i) The kidney is composed of a number of neurons. (2019)

ii) Normal pale yellow colour of the urine is due to the presence of the pigment Melanin. (2018)

  • Choose between the two options to answer the question specified in the brackets for the following:

Blood in the renal artery or renal vein (Which one has more urea?) 


  • Give the biological terms for the following:

i) Process of maintaining water and salt balance in the blood. (2018)

ii) Pigment providing colour to urine. (2016)

iii) The removal of nitrogenous wastes from the body. (2016)

  • Name the following:

i) The organ which produces urea. (2012, 2017)

ii) Knot-like mass of blood capillaries inside the Bowman's capsule. (2013)

iii) The hormone that helps increase reabsorption of water from the kidney tubules. (2012)

iv) The structural and functional unit of the kidney. (2011)

  • Give biological reasons for the following:

There is frequent urination in winter than in summer. 


Urine is slightly thicker in summer than in winter.

(2011, 2017)

  • Differentiate between the following pairs on the basis of what is indicated in the brackets:

i) Ureter and Urethra (function)     (2018)

ii) Renal cortex and renal medulla (parts of the nephron present)    (2017)

  • Choose the correct answer:

The nephrons discharge the urine at the :

A] Urinary Bladder B] Urethra C] Renal Pelvis D] Renal pyramid


  • Given below are sets of five terms each. In each case rewrite the terms in logical sequence as directed at the end of each statement.

Renal vein, renal artery, afferent arteriole, efferent arteriole, glomerulus  (pathway of blood through glomerulus)


  • State whether true or false. If false rewrite the correct form of the statement by changing the first or last word only:

Urethra carries urine from kidney to the urinary bladder. 


  • Give the function of ureter.



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  • Draw a neat labelled diagram of the following: Malphigian Capsule.